Situation in 2007

Year 2007 is already steel industry’s fourth prosperous year. Steel industry coped restructuring. It is already full privatized and each of undertakings shows very good results. Volume of final production in tons in comparison with year 2006 gently fell, in to the value however was recorded growth. Volume of production in tons was influenced also by capacities’ liquidation. It was a government obligation to EU in terms of national restructuring programme of the Czech Steel Industry. Task to 31.12.2006 in capacities liquidation was wholly fulfilled. Year 2007 was in investment sphere the first year, when owners already quite at their discretions could realize development programs. On the basis publicly made images of single companies it is possible to expect start of more intensive investment period. Financing sources are available and concrete imaginings of single companies are prepared or in elaboration. Labour productivity has been increasing constantly. Hers growth source is rationalization heading to employment reducing. Investment is focused especially on the added values rising and ecology. The imports as far as to the year 2007 step by step have been growing. At the same time exporting efficiency of the steel industry has been very well. The main owners strengthen their position in subsidiary companies expressively.

Main challenge is to manage input prices development and influences of ecological legislature.