Steel Union

The Steel Union (Ocelářská unie) is an exclusive steel association operating in the region. Its members are major Czech and Slovak steel producers and companies directly related with the steel industry. The membership expresses a need for co-operation in many areas on global markets.


Main functions of the Union

To present and support interests of the branch consistent with the interests of its members
To provide a forum for the exchange of information among member companies
To collect, process, analyse and supply information on the steel industry to administration, customers and institution
To hold up necessary connections with foreign institutions


Czech and Slovak steel industry

Steel industry represents a traditional base of Czech and Slovak heavy industry. In recent years, they proved their strong foundation even under the conditions of free market economy.

Content of this website

On these pages, you can find detailed information on SU and its members, links to related information sources, product information, industrial news and more.

14.6.2017 The transformation of Steel Federation (Hutnictví železa a.s.) to Steel Union (Ocelářská unie a.s.)


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